BWG project cares about the elderly Night vision

“BWG cares for the elderly” project recognizes the importance of helping the elderly around the area of ??the industrial waste management and management center. With eye problems to return to normal daily life by having physical examination of the elderly both visually Along with cutting, giving free eyeglasses to the elderly who have eye problems By this time, there were more than 100 seniors in the project. This project is organized for the ninth year at the meeting room, management and industrial waste management center. Better World Green Public Company Limited, Saraburi Province Chaiyapruek Thongpiem, director of the Industrial Waste Management and Management Center, said that there is an increasing number of elderly people and health problems. Both physically and mentally Maintaining good physical and mental health for the elderly is essential. Health promotion of the elderly in various fields to make the elderly live healthy and happy in society. Especially, eyesight and visual problems among the elderly are another problem that causes the inability to perform activities in daily life, thus promoting the elderly to be able to see quality. Able to carry out daily activities by themselves Will reduce the condition of being dependent on other people Making it possible to live in a normal society Preparation of this project for consultation Eye examination and providing eyeglasses for the elderly with vision problems, as well as providing knowledge on how to care for the eyes of the elderly in the area.

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