BWG protect the world, reduce global warming

Better World Green Public Company Limited is a part of the expansion project. promoting the production of carbon footprint of organizations in the industrial sector phase 8, year 2019 by focusing on being able to calculate greenhouse gas emission values ​​from the company’s operating activities and consider ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the national level as a whole in this event, a working group led by Mr. Chaiyapruek Thongpiam, director of industrial waste management and management center, Better World Green Public Company Limited received a certificate from Mr. Thanetphon Thanaboonyawat secretary of the minister of natural resources and environment in the project “hundred hearts joining to reduce global warming” (carbon foot print) 2019 at The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam, Bangkok

Throughout the period of participating in this project the management team and representatives from all sectors in the organization participated and aware of the problem of greenhouse gas emissions that are in trouble and aim to be an industrial waste landfill the first in Thailand that has managed to effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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