ETC sells IPOs in 3rd quarter

ETC Industrial Waste Power Plant Ready to Sell IPOs To the Stock Exchange of Thailand, highlighting clean, clean waste power plants In addition, this year, every power plant will supply full year

Earth Tech Environment Public Company Limited (ETC) engages in the production and distribution of electricity from integrated renewable energy power plants. There are 3 industrial waste power plants in Saraburi province. Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya and Phichit combine the production capacity of 20.4 megawatts with a power purchase agreement of 16.5 megawatts with the Provincial Electricity Authority for a period of 20 years.

After being approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission (mai) to be listed on the stock exchange (mai) with plans to be listed on the stock exchange (mai) within the 3rd quarter with registered capital. 1,120,000,000 baht with the total shares 2,240,000,000 shares with a par value of 0.50 baht per share. Expected to sell 600,000,000 additional shares (IPO) and 60,000,000 shares held by Green Chu or equivalent to 10% of the total shares. IPO

he sale of ETC’s IPOs will give BWG existing shareholders the right to subscribe to 95,802,973 newly issued ordinary shares of ETC, representing a subscription right of 40 shares of BWG per 1 ETC ordinary shares. This transaction is a return to BWG’s shareholders and adds value to BWG’s shares.

IPOs, ETCs, will receive attention from both institutional and retail investors. Due to having good financial results High margin And has a high growth potential due to the bidding for a power plant that uses more than 400 megawatts of waste as fuel. The strength of ETC is waste fuel. From the parent company, Better World Green Group (BWG) is the country’s largest industrial waste disposal operator.

ETC has a vision to be a leader in the business of manufacturing and distributing electricity from renewable energy. Which is not limited to the use of waste as fuel With international quality standards Safe for the community Environmentally friendly And sustainable growth With good and fair compensation to all stakeholders in all sectors. ETC is committed to continuous development of the organization to become a leading organization in the power plant industry. By creating a culture and human resource development of the organization to be knowledgeable and capable in order to support the growing trend both now and in the future As well as having a business strategy that creates stability for the organization with plans to expand the production and distribution of electricity from other renewable energy, both domestically and internationally. Taking into account the financial possibility Creating the right compensation And have an acceptable risk level By considering the goal of creating sustainable good results

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