Better Group jointly signed a crackdown on corruption

Better World Green Group of Companies has jointly signed a memorandum of agreement to promote cooperation in the prevention and prevention of corruption. According to the national strategy between Mr. Kamla Luengwiriya, Better World Transport Co., Ltd., Khun Jaruwan Phoeng, Better West Care Company Limited and Mr. Santi Bunmak, Better Me Company Limited with the objective to promote cooperation in prevention. And against corruption In accordance with government policy And together to promote the awareness of personnel of the department to realize morality And strengthen the attitude, values, honesty Ready to be a good role model for Thai society For the essence and operation guidelines of the mutual agreement recording Held in this It is regarded as a good opportunity to realize the importance of jointly reforming the operations of the department to be transparent, morally, and to cooperate in the prevention and anti-corruption. In order to achieve concrete results By jointly establishing guidelines for prevention and anti-corruption in various areas, such as raising awareness of personnel / officials Under the campaign “Do not accept, do not give” and “Thais do not cheat” as well as promote life and work based on the sufficiency economy philosophy. Searching for a prototype agency to raise awareness Integrity in preventing corruption By creating work processes in line with relevant laws and regulations and information disclosure For transparency, fairness and accountability

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