BETTER GROUP supports beverages. Performance of government agencies

BETTER GROUP, by Better World Green Public Company Limited, Better Waste Care Company Limited, and Recovery House Company Limited, are supporting the operations of government agencies. In the metropolitan area In the establishment of 2 main checkpoints / extraction points / checkpoints at the district level, namely the Orange Building Intersection And the police fort at Wat Sam Tai during the period between 7-31 January 2020, with the head of government Administrative Officer of Nakhon Luang District Police officer Health officials, volunteers, village headmen, staff from all local government organizations And volunteer to rescue In screening travel across provincial areas, together with explaining the measures for traveling across provincial areas of people traveling across provincial areas By providing water products, energy drinks and dry food to support the performance of their personnel, and hope to be a part of them that will benefit, create happiness and alleviate the suffering through this crisis together.

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