BWG delivers knowledge through community radio, range COVID-19

From the epidemic situation of a new type of corona virus or COVID-19, the Waste Management and Management Center of Better World Green Public Company Limited is aware of the safety protection as well as the hygiene of the surrounding communities. In the area of โ€‹โ€‹the administration center Therefore, in cooperation with the FM 103.75 MHz radio, “Luk Tung MODERN COMMUNITY” provides knowledge to the community through the voice of the community radio, with good content suitable for the situation at this time, such as separation of waste properly Performing during COVID-19 through FM 103.75 MHz radio “Luk Thung MODERN COMMUNITY” at 7:00 pm every Tuesday and Thursday of the week by DJ View, a representative of the Better People For the people of Saraburi to gain knowledge Good content With fun and entertainment through the sound of community radio lines

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