BWG donated survival bags to Phutthachai community

On June 12, 63, BETTER GROUP joined with Sa Kaeo Provincial Office and Sa Kaew Industrial Estate Office. Led by Mr Supawat, Khun Worawinit and Khun Pornpen Phaoparatratchiboo Co-create the “Pan-E-San Box” giving food and consumer goods to the “Pan-Suk” box, such as rice, vegetable oil, fish sauce, canned fish, etc. In order to help the Sa Kaeo brothers who have been affected by the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus. Which Mr. Woraphan Suwanan, the governor of Sa Kaeo province received the things in front of the Sa Kaeo City Hall and also donated 200 survival bags to the villagers of Pa Rai Subdistrict Under the project Kavai Karma-19 Along with donating survival bags to patients who are unable to help themselves At the multi-purpose hall in Pa Rai Subdistrict Municipality

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