BWG gives knowledge “Hazardous waste management”

Better World Green Public Company Limited together with local administrative organizations in “Workshop to improve the efficiency of waste management and hazardous waste for local administrative organizations” under the project. “Prevention and remission of waste and hazardous waste pollution” in which the exhibition has organized an exhibition booth on managing various waste problems. In order to awaken ideas for colleagues to bring back to the community There is also a discussion on the topic “Community waste management for energy Exit or dead end “by the Office of Local Administration in Saraburi together with Better World Green Public Company Limited, TPI Power Public Company Limited, Wongpanit Company Limited, and Thermale Company Limited knowledge sharing in waste management to energy In addition, Better World Green Public Company Limited has supported local administrative organizations in the management of hazardous waste from communities. To bring from the source to the destination Proper management according to academic principles By not affecting the community and being environmentally friendly

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