BWG expedites PROWASTE to get rid of waste

Better World Green Public Company Limited urges to assist customers and factory operators who have suffered in case that Professional West Technology (1999) Public Company Limited (PROWASTE) is unable to Providing services for industrial waste disposal Due to having problems with the execution About the entrance-exit to the factory by the Enforcement Officer blocked the area from 24 July 2020 onwards, making it impossible to receive industrial waste to be disposed of at the PROWASTE plant at Sa Kaeo Province, which later PROWASTE contacted BWG. To ask for help, the industrial waste will be transported from the customer’s factory of PROWASTE to BWG to be the recipient of the industrial waste disposal instead. Because foresees the suffering of the factory Entrepreneurs who cannot get rid of industrial waste and PROWASTE is considered a business operator in the same industry. By implementing this time, the company has taken into account the process, criteria and method as prescribed by the Department of Industrial Works as a priority. However, if any entrepreneurs who suffer from industrial waste management More details needed You can contact Better Me Co., Ltd., a company in charge of marketing and providing comprehensive advice on industrial waste management. At Tel. 0-2012-7888 ext. 426 website: Line @: BWG-ONLINE CENTER Or you can register for “BME System” to help you monitor and plan industrial waste management. Effectively You can download a QR Code or notify the company directly.

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