ETC First Trading Day 4.62%

The shares of Earth Tech Environment Plc. Or ETC entered the trade for the first day, found that the share price opened at 4.00 baht, increased by 1.40 baht or 53.85% from the IPO selling price at 2.60 baht per share during the day. The share price rose to a maximum of 4.60 baht, the lowest at 2.64 baht when the market closed, the share price was 2.72 baht, an increase of 0.12 baht or 4.62%. For ETC, the main business is to produce and distribute electricity from renewable energy power plants, as well as power plant engineering design service. Establishment of Power Plant Machinery and Equipment and Power Plant Construction In which the company has a power plant at Kaeng Khoi Saraburi The offering capacity is 8.0 megawatts (MW). Currently, the company has 2 subsidiaries, RH and AVA, which has started the business to distribute electricity to the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) since the second half of 2019, totaling 8.5 MW (at Phichit and Ayutthaya) from using RDF to generate heat and have a 20-year fire sale agreement under the FiT system and receive a BOI tax exemption and plan to bid for more government waste power plants. For the second quarter of 2020, the company had total income of 176 million baht, an increase of 105% from total income of 86 million baht and gross profit of 99 million baht, an increase of 102% compared to the same period of the previous year. And a net profit of 62 million baht, an increase of 203% with a power purchase agreement of 16.50 MW for the first quarter. From last year, ETC only recognized revenue from a single power plant with an 8 MW power purchase agreement.In addition, both of the new power plants, the RH Waste Power Plant and the AVA Waste Power Plant, had a power purchase rate of FiT. Up to 6.83 baht / unit, which is the highest purchase rate of electricity compared to other types of fuels and makes the company Has a relatively high profit margin per megawatt As a result, the second quarter of this year, ETC posted a gross margin of 56.25% and a net profit margin of 35%. This second quarter gross income and profit margin may serve as the benchmark of the Company’s operations. Since it is the operating results that come from the revenue recognition from the sales of the electricity of the 3 locations, the company will also try to improve the profitability. By managing and repairing the power plant as well as reducing production costs Ongoing management and financial costs.

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