BWG opens home to welcome Energy Teacher 4.0 to visit One Stop Service

From the project “Energy Teacher 4.0” at the vocational teachers group from Hat Yai Technical College Attended the training on renewable energy caused by industrial waste on April 23, 2019 at Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited and on May 2, Better World Green Public Company Limited  Welcome home Vocational Teacher Group Visited the One Stop Service and Management Center from the treatment and disposal and reuse. In addition, he visited the power plant from industrial waste. Earth-Tech Environment Company Limited and Recovery House Company Limited In order to apply various knowledge related to industrial waste management To develop and apply the educational knowledge of vocational students to the technology 4.0 This event is known as the group of vocational teachers from Hat Yai Technical College. Gained knowledge to further expand the education and be impressed by the visit as a guide to further teaching

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